Meghan, Lange Farm Wedding

We were so excited when Corey Conroy Photography referred Meghan to us! We love working with other fabulous vendors!  

For Meghan's makeup, we decided on a warm smokey eye, a soft flushed cheek and a pinkish-red lip color.  Her hair was pulled back with some soft texture on top and a loose, messy chignon in the back.  We love how the pieces around her face softened her look.   Her bridal party wore mid-length navy dresses with navy and nude wedges.  They chose their own hair and makeup styles to compliment each of their personalities.

See her full bridal look below:

Tampa Wedding Makeup
Lange Farm Wedding
Tampa bride

Photography: Corey Conroy Photography

Dress:  Malindy Elene

Venue: Lange Farm

Hair:  Michele Galletto

Makeup: Michele Galletto

{Melissa} Museum of the Fine Arts Wedding

There are so many things we loved about Melissa & her wedding day!   To start with she didn't have Bridesmaids - or at least she refused to call them that.. they were her "Golden Girls" and each of them had a glass with what Golden Girl she thought they related to.  She had her gown custom made by a family friend in Miami - beautiful lace with a nude underlay.  

  When it came to her bridal look we tried a few different hair styles and decided on keeping it smooth and softly pulled off to one side.  Melissa's long locks were perfect for this look.   For her makeup, we decided to have a little fun and play up the drama on her eyes with a little darker shadow in neutral colors.  When it comes to a dramatic eye, we always love to pair it with a softer lip.

Check out her full look below:


Don't you LOVE this photo of the "FIRST LICK"

Photography: Corey Conroy Photography

Venue Location:  Museum of Fine Arts

Hair:  Michele Galletto

Makeup: Michele Galletto

Preparing for your wedding day - Hair, Skin & Body...

You just got engaged & now it's time for all the fun wedding plans to begin!  Don't forget to take care of yourself during all of this wedding prep - your hair, skin and body!  We've put together a list of pre-wedding tips to help you look & feel your best on your wedding day - and everyday for that matter!


8-12 months -

Make a plan - for your hair, skin & body.
1. Body: Start a workout regimen. Even if it's only 15-30 minutes 3-4 times a week, in the end you will be happy with the results of feeling great & looking toned in your gown.  Many gyms offer “Bridal Bootcamps” which focus on the areas that Brides are most interested in targeting.  Take along one of your bridesmaids- a workout buddy makes everything better!

     2. Visit a dermatologist or skin therapist.  Find out what ways you can help improve your skin for the big day.  Many dermatologists recommend exfoliating regularly, and using a prescribed retinoid to improve the skin’s texture.  Also, correctly understanding your skin type is crucial.  We’ve seen many clients who skip moisturizer thinking that they have oily skin-only to be faced with a dry dehydrated Bride on the wedding day.  Makeup looks the best on hydrated, healthy skin; having a dermatologist/skin therapist helping you achieve this is critical. 

     3. Ask for a recommended hair stylist in the area or go to your own trusted stylist - find inspiration photos for your big day & let them help you create a long term plan to get your hair in the best condition for your envisioned style.  Make sure to get your hair trimmed every 8-10 weeks & ask about getting a clear glossing or deep conditioning treatment 1 or 2 times before the big day for moisturized, healthy hair.  


5-7 months - 

      Drink plenty of water!  There may be no scientific proof that this helps, but we all know H2O is the best thing for our body - and this includes both our skin & hair! Also, start inquiring about the beauty team that is going to be providing services for your wedding.  In the peak wedding season, we have been known to book out a year in advance.  Now is the time to book your team and start setting appointments for your Bridal hair and makeup trials.  We may be a bit biased, but finding a team that comes to you on your wedding day really eliminates unnecessary stress.  Who needs out of town bridal party members getting lost [on the way to the salon] when you’re on a time crunch?  Many companies are strictly on location for this reason only.

3-4 months –

      Have a professional shape your eyebrows.  If any hairs need to grow back in this will give plenty of time to do so.  We always recommend threading- it’s gentler on the skin around the eye, and gives an overall better shape to the brow.  Also, if you’re interested in teeth whiting, start now.  Gradual whitening processes are less painful and less expensive than the last minute services.


Practice, practice, practice! Don't forget to implement all of these tips.  Washing and moisturizing your face every morning and night, maintaining your hair, hitting the gym- if you want the desired results, you've got to put in the work.

1-2 months –

      Try a spray tan if you are thinking about doing one for the big day.  You don’t want your bridal look to be orange or streaky.  Your makeup artist may offer custom spray tans that can be done in the privacy of our own home.  If not, they definitely know someone who offers the service.

2 weeks -

     1-2 weeks prior to the big day is great time to get one last visit in with your skin therapist.  Have them do one last facial - one you've already done & know won't cause any skin irritation.  One of the biggest mistakes we see clients make is getting a facial on the wedding day.  This just causes more work for your makeup artist- when you show up with red, blotchy skin.  Also, many massage therapists advise against massages on the wedding day as well- better to do these services a week prior to the big day instead.  Manicures and pedicures are a great activity to do with your bridal party a day or two before the wedding.  Many brides “gift” nail services to their bridal party, instead of jewelry or other more traditional gifts; it ensures that everyone’s tips and toes are in perfect condition for pictures.


1 week – 

      Hair Color & Waxing – Not the time to try highlights you've never had or a darker color you think you may like.  Have your roots touched up & your eyebrows groomed at least 3-4 days prior to the big day. 


Wedding Day – 

      If you wake up with a blemish on the big day whatever you do, don’t touch it. That’s why you hired a professional makeup artist! 

Most importantly, enjoy your day!  Drink plenty of water, maybe a few sips of champagne- and don’t forget to eat a few small meals throughout the day. 


Lastly, don’t sweat the small stuff…it’s too late to worry about anything else, so just relax and cherish all the special moments- you’ll be so glad you did.



Briana's wedding day took place on the beach outside of the Sirata Beach Resort.  We absolutely loved the deep purple smokey eye she chose for her wedding day paired with her soft pink lip.  She had a beautiful headband and we decided to pull her hair half up with some texture around it.  



We loved everything about this destination beach wedding!  It was a beautiful day and Jen was surrounded by so many loved ones.  Her hair was down with one side pulled back and the other softly pinned out of her face.  We decided on a soft bridal look for her makeup - neutral eye colors, soft cheek color and a natural lip.  


Check out her full bridal look below: 

Hair & Makeup: Michele Galletto

Photography: Caroline & Evan Photography